Rally app gears up for pro WRC

Rally Control App delivered for Tarmac Masters® by 21infinity is the world’s first comprehensive management ecosystem for car rally organizers. The new design and features of the autonomous application make it fit even world-class WRC events.

Tarmac Masters Case Study Illustration

By 21infinity (MK, DG, MP, MM, IK, TG) with support of GZ.

Published 11:03 am CEST, May 13, 2021


Tarmac Masters® is the largest, non-professional series of car rallies in Poland. It has been growing rapidly since 2017, with 120-130 teams participating in each rally, several times a year. Tarmac Masters® operates under the auspices of the Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Association (PZMot). The full-time organizer team includes 10 people, plus dozens of volunteers engaged in every rally.

Professional WRC-worthy concept

In 2020, Tarmac Masters® , Poland’s top non-professional car rally series released its proprietary mobile application for both racers and fans in collaboration with 21infinity. The solution was Android and iOS-ready and offered advanced tracking and safety functionalities, comparable to solutions used at the World Rally Championship.

The launch of the 2021 season saw an entirely revamped solution, released as Rally Control App, with new design, information architecture, and features. The new and improved version, coupled with a versatile management dashboard for the organizer, meets the official standards and requirements of the Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Association (PZMot).

Rally Control App now meets the official requirements of all types and classes of professional rally organizers, The solution accommodates car rallies, including national championships and cup series. The concept was to ensure that the solution accommodates the compliance and scalability needs of any car rally organizer, regardless of the region, or country.

– Dawid Gaweł, CEO, 21infinity

The paperless future of motorsport is here

Even before, the application had several smart features for racing crews, including contactless e-card registration, push notifications, advanced location tracking, and emergency alerts for the crews.

In its latest release, Rally Control App, a dozen or so features formerly available in the web- based version were made available in the mobile version. Now, racing crews apply and register only via the Crew Panel, with no paperwork included, and the organizer handles the processes directly in their admin panel. Technical inspections and other formalities before and during the rally are also handled via the application.

On the other hand, the fan community can enjoy advanced, real-time tracking and ranking features in their Fan Panel, including current and historical results of their favorite crews. Some of the new features were inspired by direct feedback from them.

Rally Control App was born and is developed, as the answer to actual WRC community needs. We believe that the current version is the only solution available in the market that offers such advanced and refined features, especially the fully remote registration process. We are negotiating with the Association to implement Rally Control App in the Polish National Rally Series.

– Marcin Jankiewicz, Head of Tarmac Masters®

Plans for future development

The roll-out of the Rally Control App coincided with the successful launch of the Tarmac MastersⓇ 2021 series. This is especially important in light of the COVID-19 restrictions that have interfered with many rally events in the past months.

While the plans of professional rally organizers in Poland have been thwarted, the organizers of Tarmac MastersⓇ rose to the challenge. By adhering to a strict sanitary regime, not only were they greenlighted by the local authorities and the police but managed to win the PZMot as their official partner to further promote the solution in the professional rally community.

We hope that when broader audiences get a taste of the Rally Control App, we will be able to step out with our solution at least on the European market, if not beyond. I’m certain the solution could well support the WRC World Championships. We wouldn’t have done it without 21infinity’s commitment as a technology leasing project partner,

– Marcin Jankiewicz, Head of Tarmac Masters®

We are proud that the Rally Control App has proven revolutionary in its own right. The positive feedback from both racers and fans gives us high hopes for all-national, and even international demand.

– Dawid Gaweł, CEO, 21infinity

Project fact sheet

Time: 3 months

Type: Custom development, Mobile

Market: PL

Technologies used: Flutter, .NET Core, One Signal, Google Maps, GPS

Systems supported: Android 6.0+, iOS

No. of participants: 6

Solution benefits


  • Refined, world-class rally event management system
  • 360° control and real-time communication with the crews
  • No paperwork required


  • Fully remote application and registration procedure
  • Advanced result tracking in real-time
  • Contactless e-card registration at time control points via push notifications


  • Advanced result tracking in real-time
  • One-push alert for emergency services
  • User-friendly Fan Panel interface

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