From CRM to Smart Management Hub

One of the three major global players in the TMC industry has turned a simple analytical tool into a comprehensive B2B4E business platform. 21infinity has accompanied them in the digital transformation for years.

By 21infinity (TD, DG, BJ) with support of GZ.

Updated 11:29 am CEST, April 11, 2020


As a global leader of travel management services (TMC) sector, the company provides its clients’ employees with cost-effective, safe and reliable flights, bookings and travel assistance (B2B4E). The provider supports global organizations by implementing comprehensive plans that engage employees, increase their productivity and facilitate travel.


Business travel management services are hinged on huge sets of detailed data: not only hotel reservations and plane tickets, but also reports on remote work, or refund management. These are sensitive data, which must be protected, yet manageable and easily accessible, because they are used to optimize business trip expenses.

A simple analytical tool that the company has been using since its inception ceased to be effective over time. In 2012, the provider decided to implement a brand new, comprehensive solution to complement the company’s CRM. The new platform was to be a coherent ecosystem for thousands of employees located all over the world to scrutinize costs and scout for the available benefits.

Apart from the required technical prowess to complete the project, the TMC provider was on a lookout for a supplier that would adapt to their specific mode of operation and structure, spanning across continents and time zones. One of the challenges included possible deployment times, when one workweek ends on one side of the globe, and the next one hasn’t started yet.

Based on their experience and proven track record, as well as the proposed cutting-edge tech stack, the CRM department of the client recommended the 21infinity team as consultants to work on the design of the new solution.


In the initial stage of the project, experts with 21infinity presented a comprehensive SWOT analysis of as many as four technologies taken into consideration, with a cost and profit estimate and an expert recommendation for the concept of the future tool.

When the first modules of the .NET-based Program Optimization Center (POC) platform were ready, the client decided to continue to supply further needs reported by its departments. After two years, hundreds of Excel, Word, PowerPoint files that their team have used so far were migrated and consolidated into an efficient and user-friendly solution integrated bilaterally with the CRM. Throughout the project, the 21infinity team worked hand-in-hand with the client’s CRM department based in Warsaw.

In 2017, the TMC provider faced a new challenge: to replace their CRM based on Oracle on Demand with Oracle Sales Cloud. And since the POC is closely knit with the CRM, its migration also forced changes in the platform designed by 21infinity. The work on this complicated project lasted a total of 9 months. Thanks to the unconventional approach adopted by 21infinity data exchange between the POC platform and the new CRM system was made seamless and efficient.

“Our work on individual modules of the POC was a very dynamic time, with lots of new initiatives landing in our partner’s lap. On the other hand, in the CRM upgrade project, the team proved very independent and accountable. We have gone through changes in the management, and each time they adapted to the new style of work. Every challenge was accepted, and they kept their deadlines,”

– David, the company’s VP Global Sales


As of 2020, the 5 modules of the POC platform support the day-to-day tasks at CTW’s sales and marketing departments. Where required by individual modules, the platform provides two-way synchronization of user, customer and output data with the CRM. The Single Sign On (SSO) option allows using the other tools in the client’s domain (e.g. Oracle Sales Cloud) with a single logging. 21infinity provides the platform’s maintenance since 2013.

“21infinity has always delivered timely and quality work, even under changing project environment. They react to every ticket and solve it with other users’ work in mind, which is quite a challenge as our users are scattered around different time zones. I have seen the team work under pressure, within a restrictive time frame and under a dynamically changing project assumptions,”

– the client’s representative


In 2019, the company changed hands. The year 2020 was to initiate new development projects with 21infinity, including the reconstruction of the company’s original analytical tool and adding functionalities for the company’s management. Unfortunately, the bold plans were thwarted by the pandemic.

“While waiting for the business travel market situation to stabilize, 21infinity supports its client e.g. by temporarily optimizing system support rates. We invest in the partnership because we feel responsible for both our product and the entire project,”

– Bart Juszczak, Founder 21infinity

Project fact sheet

Time: 36 months

Type: Custom development

Market: Global

Technologies used: C#, ASP.NET, MSSQL

Systems supported: Oracle Sales Cloud

No. of participants: 8

Solution benefits


  • One-stop access to company data
  • Automated search and calculation
  • Convenient, appealing presentation templates


  • Custom solution for TMC
  • Reduced operating cost
  • Competitive advantage through cutting-edge

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