ABSL introduces e-vote for members

Despite meeting restrictions, the 2020 General Assembly Meeting will be business as usual, thanks to an online voting solution


By 21infinity (BJ) with support of GZ.

Updated 12:25 pm CEST, June 16, 2020

Meeting restrictions related to COVID-19 have made the voting procedures hard to execute, not only in politics, but also in business. In late March and mid-April 2020, the legislature in Poland has been changed to facilitate remote ownership, management and supervisory decisions. This allowed the organizers of the 2020 ABSL Poland Ordinary General Assembly Meeting to take advantage of the new online ballot solution.

Pivot and carry on smoothly

Starting from June 16., the 215 ABSL members will use a dedicated online voting solution developed by 21infinity to approve last year’s financial results and decide on the upcoming initiatives and projects.

“The extraordinary situation we have faced forced us to pivot in search of an end-to-end, secure solution that would allow us to meet the formal requirements of a general assembly and avoid a labor-intensive workaround, That solution has been proposed by 21infinity. The cooperation is very successful and the team is very responsive.”

Aleksandra Janyga, Administration, Vendor & Contract Manager at ABSL

“Partnership with 21infinity allowed us to offer 215 of our members a customized web solution to vote securely and effectively. This is the most important vote of the year and 21infinity has done it very well.”

Marcin Nowak, Head of Management Board at ABSL

Where security meets user-friendliness

The .NET Core and Vue.js based-based responsive solution provided by 21infinity comprises several features to ensure a convenient voting procedure. Participants register in the Registration Module to access their e-ballot in the Voting Module, which can offer a downloadable pdf attachment for reference at each of the questions. The results are available in real time in the Presentation Module, along with the statistical information. In the open vote mode the voting preferences are displayed in real time. The Administration Module offers advanced ballot editing features, such as setting deadlines, sending notifications and reviewing reports.

“The solution ensures top-class security standards for both desktop and mobile. The identity of the voters is anonimized, even for the administrator. On the other hand, the connection itself is protected with the SSL standard, and is resistant to network connection interferences – each response is buffered as a draft,”

Bart Juszczak, founder of 21infinity, ABSL’s technological partner and provider of system support and automation

E-vote is here to stay?

The online voting solution provided for ABSL was designed also with other organizations in mind.

“The general assembly meetings might have been postponed until late summer, but the restrictions might remain in force until then. The platform is a rollout-ready, answer to the challenge of personal meetings, fully secure and compliant with the law,”

Bart Juszczak, founder of 21infinity

Project fact sheet

Time: 1 month

Type: Custom development, SaaS

Market: CEE

No. of participants: 5

Technologies used: .NET Core, Vue.js, SQL Server, Bulma

Systems integrated: Clinet’s Website, Streaming system, Mailing system, SaaS server

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